Helping Those Struggling with Chronic Illness, Loved Ones & Caretakers THRIVE
through Creating, Connecting and Community...
Because Living with Chronic Illness Doesn't Come with Instructions... 

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Living with chronic illness doesn’t come with a set of instructions....
So we’ve pulled together a variety of speakers, including medical experts, alternative practitioners, spiritual teachers and healers, thought leaders, thriving artists who battle illness, online support networks and creative therapists, to address these relevant topics and more. Hear inspirational stories directly from other people who have gone through something similar - and learn exactly how they overcame their challenges, and what specific recommendations they have
to help You go from surviving... to THRIVING. This free event is just for YOU!

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"Keep Shining: How to Thrive With Chronic Illness and Limited Energy" is a free two-week long virtual summit delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch just the specific talks that resonate with you or catch them all-on your schedule as you can watch replays if you miss a talk!

To watch a RECORDED TALK, just navigate to the Schedule and click on the talk at or after the scheduled time to watch directly on this platform. If a recorded talk  you want to watch has already aired, just click on the talk you want to watch, or hit the Replays tab on the menu to find the talk. Note: all times for the summit are PDT. If you are joining a LIVE TALK by Zoom, just click the talk at the scheduled time and it will connect with Zoom. Password for all live talks is: thrive.  Join our Facebook Group for lively discussion, and special talks during and after the summit!

Connect and chat with others in the community. Ask speakers questions during special Ask an Expert panels on JULY 17 and JULY 23 (See Schedule).  Participate in special Live Facebook Talks during the summit and an interactive Drama Therapy workshop JULY 13. With more than 60 recorded talks, 9 live Facebook talks, a live drama therapy workshop, and 2 live speaker panels, plus engagement in our Facebook Group to watch, join, learn, share, interact, connect with and participate in during the two weeks, You choose how much or how little to do. It's up to You! Are you ready to THRIVE?

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64 speakers
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Using Expressive Arts to Heal with Adriana Marchione: Creative Therapists July 13, 2020, 06:00 PM
Adriana Marchione Expressive Arts Therapist, Movement Educator, Documentary Filmmaker
Ask An Expert Speaker Panel 1 July 17, 2020, 09:00 PM
Geno Creese, Allison Fine, Christian Harris, Kimberly Huff, Adriana Marchione, Monica Michelle, Eve Montague, Shawna Nielsen, Roke Noir, Amy Oestreicher, Dr. Keith Rafal, Jasmine Raskas, Malati Shinazy, Jess Stainbrook, Dr. Amy Stenehjem, Rachel Trobman & Caroline Waters
Ask an Expert Speaker Panel 2 July 23, 2020, 09:00 PM
Teri Cochrane, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Jessie Ace, Reverend Linda Anderson-Little, Carolyn Boyd, Dr. Melissa Congdon, Elana Davidson, Jacquelyn Davis, Maddie and Angela Dean, Dr. Alan Glaseroff, Keisha Greaves, Dr. Sruti Lam, Kate Lorig, Kristina Macias, Juana and Estela Mata, Monica Michelle, Amy Oestreicher, Dr. Lee Phillips, Rev. Alan Pritz, Margo Rappaport, Mark Romero, Lori Schwanbeck, Rachel Trobman, Katie Wade & Nicole
Positive Impacts of Mind-Body Medicine with Dr. Aruna Chinnakotla: Medical/Mental Health July 11, 2020, 06:00 PM
Dr. Aruna Chinnakotla Internal/Advanced Mind-Body/Integrative Medicine, Palliative/Hospice Care, Kaiser Permanente

With 60+ experts sharing, you will come away inspired and transformed

60+ experts will share stories, strategies, practices, tips, demos, inspiration, support, life lessons and resources through conversational videos, to help those struggling with chronic illness, disability and unexpected life challenges, and caretakers and loved ones to go from surviving to THRIVING.

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March 2020 IVIG Infusion with Alice, our amazing wire fox terrier support animal...

Keep Shining, video above, shares my personal story and struggle with rare chronic illness, disability and recovery and is a powerful reminder to never give up...

About Your Host

I'm Lisa Sniderman, an award-winning San Francisco-based artist (known as Aoede), playwright, author and filmmaker. I’ve been honored with more than 85 awards for my songwriting, audiobooks, films, stage plays and books. At the heart of my mission are inspiration, healing and creativity. I foster healing to give your creative spirit wings and inspire you to share your story.

What can we do when we struggle with an illness that doesn’t go away? I’ve been there. Like many of you, I’ve navigated and battled with a rare chronic illness for more than 12 years-a progressive muscle weakness autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis (DM). My story is persevering through this darkness by obsessively turning to creativity to express and as a healing path. But my story and my life’s purpose is also becoming a light in the darkness and a muse.

Inspiration For This Summit

In 2020, after more than 12 years battling my rare chronic illness, like many of you, I still face immense challenges continuing to create and connect with others, finding and being part of community, while homebound and having limited energy. I discovered that not only do I want to find innovative ways to continue to do these, but I'm driven to continue to be a light to others like me who struggle with chronic illness and limited energy. I created this summit to bring a diverse community together virtually to inspire, encourage and help those of us struggling with chronic illness and limited energy, loved ones and caretakers, to go from surviving to THRIVING. And it took a year of planning, as I needed to be mindful of balancing care for my own illness and limited energy, including receiving monthly infusions to deal with a flare of my DM, with recording 60 interviews and planning this summit! May something you watch, share, or participate in during the summit inspire and encourage you on your journey!

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